Deep sea whalefalls

deep sea whale fall

Associated Personnel

Current lab members: Lizzy Wilbanks, Kat Dawson, Ally Pasulka

Current collaborators: Alex Worden (MBARI), Rachael Harbinger (MBARI), and Shana Goffredi (Occidental))

Previous lab members and collaborators: Gina Wilpiszeski, Caltech GPS undergrad (diversity of archaea in whalefall sediments); Anne Dekas, Caltech Geobiology graduate student (Nitrogen fixation associated with localized organic carbon loading); Bob Vjrenhoek, MBARI; Shannon Johnson, MBARI

Associated Publications

Goffredi, S.K. and Orphan, V.J., 2010. Bacterial community shifts in taxa and diversity in response to localized organic loading in the deep sea. Environmental Microbiology, 12(2): 344-363.

Goffredi, S.K., Wilpiszeski, R., Lee, R. and Orphan, V.J., 2008. Temporal evolution of methane cycling and phylogenetic diversity of archaea in sediments from a deep-sea whale-fall in Monterey Canyon, California. The ISME Journal, 2(2): 204-220.

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Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Young Investigator Award

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Marine Microbiology Initiative (GBMF3820)