Machine Shops


The purpose of the GALCIT Shop is to provide instruction, consultation, and machining services to GALCIT students, faculty, and staff. The instruction and consulting is done to increase efficiency by educating students in proper design techniques, blueprint standards, and machining practices. The machining services provided are for instructional and research facilities within GALCIT. These machining services are for maintaining existing labs and fabrication of new equipment.

All of these same services are also provided to the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and to any member of the Caltech and JPL community.

Jim Hall Design and Prototyping Lab

The shop is open to the entire Caltech community. There are, however, a few restrictions. ME 170 must have been completed prior to using any of the machine tools in the shop.

Since this is the Mechanical Engineering shop, ME students, faculty, and staff will have priority on the machines. This priority applies to time on the machines and to the completion of projects by the shop staff. Others will be accommodated as availability and time permit.

For personal use of the shop, there is a $10 charge per hour. The rate for projects machined by the shop staff is $45 per hour. An estimate can be given before a job is started.