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February 17, 2021

Interested in joining the lab as a graduate student?

Professor Orphan is a joint member of the Geological and Planetary Sciences and Biology and Biological Engineering Divisions. She primarily accepts graduate students through the BBE graduate program, or Geobiology,Environmental Science and Engineering, and Geochemistry options, but students from other programs are also welcome. Graduate students accepted into the program are provided full tuition support and salary. If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact us about availability and current research opportunities.

Are you an undergraduate interested in summer research?

Professor Orphan strives to train talented students to help them pursue their research goals. Please contact us with your CV and research interest for potential opportunities. We also encourage students to apply for undergraduate research fellowships.

Postdoctoral training opportunities in molecular geobiology and microbial ecophysiology

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the Orphan lab as a postdoc. Below we have provided a list of annual fellowship opportunities relevant to geobiology/ microbial ecology.

If you are a scientific researcher from an underrepresented group, there are a number of available resources within the GPS Division and across campus. Please reach out to us and explore the following links for information

Quick link for resources available at GPS.